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Scribes help immensely with production at work. I have greater patient satisfaction because I am able to have eye contact with the patient. My patient flow is more efficient and I get finished earlier in the day with all patient notes edited and finished. Before MSA, I used to get behind in clinic. Now, charts are documented better and are complete!


                                                                         -Dr. Christopher Danner

I am a surgeon in a 7 surgeon group. I initially approached MSA because I was falling behind on my notes and when I sat down to write them, I would have forgotten important details. After starting with MSA and seeing how seamless the process is, everyone in my group has started to use the service. We have found that this has helped in many unforeseen aspects of our group. Since the notes are done "a la minute", when patients call with questions a few days later, our office staff is better equipped to answer questions and guide patients appropriately without interrupting the physician. We also feel that our quality of care has improved because the important details are now in our notes allowing us to refresh our memory on the day of surgery and provide the tailored approach we strive to provide each and everyone of our patients. Our scribes have become like our employee-family and attend our social functions with our staff such as Christmas parties and fishing trips. 

                                                                                          -Dr. Gopal Grandhige

I have been very happy with MSA. They have been attentive to my individual needs for scribe support and the personnel they have provided have been consistently motivated, bright, and personable. The scribes' training prior to starting in the clinic gets them functioning right away, and they pick up my style and habits quickly once on the job. The scribes definitely help me move through clinics more efficiently. Having the scribes has been a time-saver in documentation, and they help us meet "meaningful use" metrics through better use of the EMR. I would recommend MSA without reservation to anyone looking to add scribes to their practice.

                                                                    -Dr. Daniel Vincent