Why use a medical scribe?

The current insurance payers, especially the government sponsored providers, are demanding more detailed medical documentation to correlate with the payment level assigned to the medical service provided.  They are also requiring a very short time frame to complete and lock notes after patients are seen. Physicians are faced with meeting these requirements and are complying by seeing fewer patients per day, taking away their free time to complete their medical notes.  Medical scribes help by compiling the reported medical information and documenting it into the medical chart during the patient visit.  This will only require a brief review and minor changes before signing the medical note and billing based on the level of documentation and complexity of the service. 

What are the patients’ responses to having a medical scribe present during their medical visit? 

Although any patient can request that the scribe not be present during their visit, the great majority of patients are happy that their physician is now able to focus on them and not on a computer.   The physician regains the ability to re-establish the Doctor-Patient relationship.   It has also improved the patient experience and has positively reflected on their patient satisfaction surveys, which are currently being used as a measure for quality of physician care.

Why use Medical Scribe Alliance over other companies?

Medical Scribe Alliance is a local company and is readily available to deal with complex issues that may come up within each practice.  We only charge for the scribe time spent in a clinic.  This means that the physicians will not have to worry about investing into the scribe’s benefits, non-clinical time, and vacations.