Scribe- Tampa

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $10/hour (after 30 days probationary period at $8.50/hour)

Location: Tampa

Hours: Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Thursday afternoon, and Friday morning

Do you have the passion and desire to train as a medical scribe? Working as a medical scribe is rewarding and beneficial for anyone interested in providing medical care in any capacity. Our employees aspire to be physicians, physician assistants, nurses and nurse practitioners.

Working with MSA: Recruiting consists of selecting the applicants most suitable for a scribe position. This is accomplished through a thorough screening process and interview session. Training begins promptly after employee selection and includes 10 to 20 hours of independent, online home-study, followed by supervised, live floor training. Training includes classroom training.

Training is conducted by a manager using the most up-to-date and thorough training materials produced by the company and with direct consultation from client physicians. Live, supervised floor training will further prepare each scribe for their role to perform their duties independently. Each trainee will receive 4-5 floor training sessions before being released as an independent scribe. Upon successful completion of our training program, each scribe will be proficient in:

  • HIPAA and privacy

  • MSA and client policies

  • medical terminology

  • system based pathophysiology focused on the most common illnesses

  • versed in the charting system utilized by the each individual client

  • ability to produce thorough charts which include PMH, HPI, ROS, social history, physical exam, medical procedures, radiology and laboratory results, and physician consults

  • clinic/patient flow

*Spanish speaking is a plus*

Please fill out an application​​ and send as an attachment to Thanks for your interest in working as part of our team!